After pioneering, establishing the patent and some small-scale tests, it is time to validate the Caeli™ greenhouse climate solution in a practical situation. Jurgen Blom, cultivation specialist at Van der Avoird Trayplant, and Peter van der Avoird are very interested in innovations and are enthusiastic about the concept that allows you to control the greenhouse climate much more precisely. Together with Caeli™ they set out to prove that it is an ingenious sustainable solution for a better quality plant.

As a specialist in the propagation of strawberry cuttings and tray plants as well as rooted raspberry cuttings and tray plants, Van der Avoird likes to be at the forefront of sustainability. "We are always very interested in innovations, especially if they can add value to our production company. We want to be the most sustainable company in the sector, so we are always looking for the latest innovations. During the exploratory talks surrounding our new to build project 'De Rimpelaar', it became clear that we still have a lot to gain in terms of greenhouse climate control," says Jurgen. After an introductory meeting with Erik Schäfer and Sven van Heijningen regarding the Caeli™ greenhouse climate solution, Peter becomes enthusiastic about the concept and thus gets the ball rolling.

Proving that Caeli™ can also be applied on a large-scale

"After pioneering, feasibility testing, securing the patent, and successfully completing a small-scale test, it was time to validate the product in a practical situation," Sven explains. "You need to prove that the Caeli™ climate solution can be applied on a large scale and does what you want it to do. You then need to find a suitable greenhouse or join a new construction project", Erik adds. "During our discussions with Peter and Jurgen, we not only found a good pilot location but also definitely an experienced and sincere crop specialist who is willing to invest with us in this unique climate solution."

A simple but complex greenhouse climate solution you have to want

After exchanging far-reaching information, Peter and Jurgen conclude that this could possibly be the greenhouse climate solution of the future. "It is a simple but complex solution that you have to want and participate in, to prove that it really is a genius solution. One that allows you to control the greenhouse climate much more precisely," says Peter. "Where you normally have two measuring boxes in your greenhouse with one measuring point per hectare allowing you to control the climate by means of large ventilators and opening and closing windows, you will now have one smart measuring point per column without having to make any adjustments to the screen", continues Jurgen. "A fan that not only measures but also makes it possible to move the dry air from above the screen to a location below the screen close to the plant. This will create a much more uniform climate and therefore a more uniform crop".

More profit from your crop and energy savings

"As you know, humidity is an important issue in cultivation", says Jurgen. "If humidity is up to standard, the plant will be of better quality. With a better plant, you can get more out of your cultivation. Add to that the fact that, with more control over the climate, you can also keep the climate much more even and therefore realise considerable energy savings. Simply because you can keep your windows closed for a longer period of time!”

Van der Avoird Trayplant B.V. is specialised in the cultivation of strawberry and raspberry propagation material. This varies for strawberries from cutting to tray plant, for raspberries from a rooted cutting to long cane. To realise this, Van der Avoird grows at 5 locations with a total surface of over 65 ha.

The Rimpelaar in Molenschot

The location at the Rimpelaar in Molenschot consists of 39 ha of uncovered cultivation and 0.4 ha of covered cultivation. At the moment, the covered cultivation is being expanded to 2.2 ha. On the tray fields strawberry tray plants are grown, on the raspberry fields mother plants and long canes are grown. In the greenhouse, mother material for raspberries is put in during spring, to be able to cut them into cuttings later on.

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