Climate precision

Of course we do not have to tell the grower that small climate differences have major consequences for cultivation. After all, every horticulturist knows that a balanced greenhouse climate is essential and results in uniform cultivation. Caeli™ comes with an integrated technology allowing a precisely optimised greenhouse climate locally!

Caeli™, the greenhouse climate solution

The greenhouse climate is controlled via the climate computer by means of a limited number of measuring boxes. The computer has no insight into the climate differences within the greenhouse. The patented Caeli climate solution does offer this insight and anticipates on it by minimising the climate differences full autonomously.


By integrating a small and individually adjustable Caeli™ ventilation unit at plant level in each greenhouse column. Based on an intelligent algorithm, the fan moves the air within the greenhouse full autonomously. This makes it possible to homogenise and effectively dehumidify the greenhouse climate.

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