Caeli present at GreenTech 2024

Once again this year, we will be participating in GreenTech Amsterdam 2024. This leading trade fair, taking place from June 11 to 13 in Amsterdam RAI, offers the ideal platform to present Caeli to a wide audience of international horticulture professionals.

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Unique solution for optimal climate control

We will present our patented Caeli™ greenhouse climate solution, which enables even more precision and control of the greenhouse climate. With traditional control systems, significant climate variations can occur within the greenhouse. These undesirable variations have a negative impact on cultivation results and the efficiency of the production process.

The Caeli™ solution addresses these challenges. Using smart ventilation units with integrated sensors, an intricate monitoring and control network is created in each greenhouse column. These units collect real-time temperature and humidity data, enabling precise climate control for each column.

The benefits of Caeli™ precision climate management:

  • Minimal climate differences: A uniform greenhouse environment promotes optimal growing conditions, resulting in higher yields and better product quality.
  • Increased efficiency: Precise climate control contributes to lower energy consumption and optimal watering, saving costs and reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Better grip on production and harvest: Data-driven insights give growers more control over their cultivation process, allowing them to respond more effectively to changing market conditions.
  • Dehumidifying according to the new cultivation: Extracting air from above the screen in certain situations allows screens to stay closed longer and saves energy.

Meet Caeli at GreenTech 2024

During GreenTech 2024 we invite you to visit us at booth 01.506 which we share with Alcomij, where our experts will be happy to inform you about the advantages of precision climate management with Caeli™.